Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Dog Days of Summer are here

The past few weeks have been busy around here! Rhett and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on July 26th ( I know, that doesn't seem like very long but I guess since he has been in Med school or residency the whole time plus the 1.5 kids that we have it seems like a lot longer to everyone!). A few days later I celebrated my 29th birthday. The picture on the front steps is of me and Claire on that very special day! I'm 29 weeks preggo in the picture with what appears to be a very large baby - we shall see. Anyway, we had a fun family celebration and I got the best birthday present ever from Rhett - a new mattress!! Ours was 26 years old and folded over in half when stood on it's side. It was horrible but even more so when you are pregnant. After me spending one night on the floor in protest and us sleeping in the guest room for several weeks my awesome hubby finally took the plunge to purchase us a new mattress and now I am in pillowtop heaven. Thanks sweetie!
Last week Claire and I headed to Seagrove Beach to hang out with my sister-in-law, Tish, and her family for a few days. Claire's cousin, Mac, is 13 months old now so it was fun (and interesting) to see them interact. That's about as close as we could get them to sit together in the picture! Unfortunately, Claire is not a fan of the beach. I had her dressed as cute as a button in her bathing suit and matching Crocs on the way out the the beach the first day when she realized that walking in the sand meant her shoes were going to get dirty (not an option). The other option was to get her feet dirty which is even more upsetting to my shoe-obsessed child who insists that she and everyone else has shoes on at all times. So for the first hour or so on the beach she sat in a beach chair with her feet in a pail of water. By the end of the day she was walking in the sand but digressed the next day and once again balked at the idea of sand. She loved sitting in the beach chair eating snacks (hmm . . . wonder where she learned that?) and she loved floating in the water until her mother got stung by a jellyfish and that no longer was an option. We had a wonderful time despite the jellyfish sting (nothing a little meat tenderizer couldn't take care of) and the tears related to the sand!
Claire is absolutely obsessed with babies. I suppose this is a good thing since we are going to have a real live one living in our house in a few weeks. She takes "Baby" everywhere she goes. She pretends baby is crying "waa waa" and tries to console her "shhhh Baby". She tells the baby to sit, she puts the baby down for a nap with a blanket and says "nite nite". She has even told the baby "no" and put her in the time out chair. I have taken Baby on errands with me while Claire pushed the baby in her stroller (or her "ride" as Claire calls it) with her "bag" firmly in the crook of her arm. Baby sat on the potty for the first time yesterday and according to Claire "poo-pooed" in the potty and therefore deserved an M&M. Baby went to Moe's to eat lunch with us today and Claire insisted that Baby have her own highchair. So there I sit in Moe's at a table with two highchairs - one with my baby and the other with her baby - as Claire lovingly offers Baby chips and salsa and "agua" from her cup (oh, did I forget to mention that Claire only calls water "agua"? ) Priceless.

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Shannon said...

Those beach pictures look professional! Beautiful. Claire will always be your little princess and I promise that she'll never let you forget! I can't wait to celebrate your birthday in Augusta in just a couple of weeks. Keep the pictures coming! love ya, shan