Tuesday, April 05, 2011


This little chicken wing only knows Africa as home. All of the crazy and sometime strange things that surround us are totally normal to him. Some things that seem "normal" to me aren't so much to him. Today we hired someone to cut our grass with a lawn mower. Up until today we have hired people with machete-like blades (these workers are called "Slashers" for lack of a better adjective). This was the first time Gus had every seen such a thing - and in his own yard! - can you imagine his excitement! He kept calling it a car because he didn't know what else to call it and sat by a window for about 15 minutes watching the grass get cut.

We call him Gus-a- boo or Gussy a lot - just for fun. He is extremely independent. If you reach out to hold his had he will hold it for a second and then it's as if he remembers "Oh, I forgot! I don't do that." and he makes a quick drop with a firm "NO!". But he is a cuddler and so so sweet too. He loves to give hugs and they usually come with a running start and outstretched arms. He keeps up with the big kids in the house (including the dangerous things like jumping off of the furniture and climbing the security bars). He loves books and I'll often find him in his room sitting in his rocking chair looking at a book by himself. He sings the "ABC" song and tries to count (especially before he jumps off of something so I at least have 3 seconds warning if I have my ears on!).

He's not a huge eater. His favorites are cereal and milk, yogurt, broccoli, green beans and raisins. He loves to wrestle with his brother but Ford usually ends up putting him in a choke hold at some point and he looses the match. He and Ford both love to get naked and run laps around the house while shouting "I'm noonie, I'm noonie, I'm noonie, noonie, noonie!". It's a pretty catchy tune. He sleeps from 7pm to 7am although he has been known to sleep as late as 8:30 (and I've been known to put him to sleep as early as 6:30 as needed). He naps from 1-3ish. Easiest kid you've every seen to put to bed. Thank you Lord.

But the thing that is most important to Gus is basketball. The people who lived here before us put in a concrete pad and basketball goal and that is where Gus spends most of his day. He gets right out there in the big group of 9-12 year old boys who congregate at the court and dribbles and shoots and feels like one of the boys. They have learned not to take the ball away from Gus because he wants to play too. He spends hours out there every day and just loves it.

This post was going to be mostly pictures of Gus but I got going and couldn't stop talking about my precious little thing that brings SO much joy to my life every. single. day. I'm excited to see what God does in his life and through him. He has created him for just those very purposes and it will be a pleasure and a blessing to walk beside him and watch his story unfold. Here are some fun pictures of our little boy who will be 2 next month!!

Everyone loves Nutella, right?

riding a tricycle at my parents' house (he is making motorcycle noises to narrate his experience).

He is smiling even though his Mommy puts him in cute lion outfits on safari :)

Real men have ball for lovies!

He couldn't even put it down to eat!

Testing the potty out. His face is usually about that dirty most of the time but the bathroom floor is quite clean it is just old and looks dirty all of the time!

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Shanan said...

What a precious gift in this little guy. Sometimes I look at my G and he reminds me of your G. Isn't it amazing how different each child is? God is so good. I can't wait to watch him in March Madness:)