Saturday, April 16, 2011

Excuses, excuses

Sorry. I haven't been able to keep up my end of the bargain. I have a great excuse though . . . we had a wonderful house guest this week - our dear friend Christina who is an OB/GYN at Kapsowar Hospital here in Kenya. We met Christina at our SP orientation back in August 2009. We hit it off and spent a lot of time together because we were the only non-McCropder and non-Ecuador bound people in the group. So we shared a lot of meals and got to know each other. We have been so thankful that over the last 18 months we have been able to have lots of fun visits with our friend on various occasions. Luckily, Kijabe is in a central location and not far from Nairobi so it is easy for people to "drop by" and see us. Anyway, Christina had a conference near by and stayed here and commuted each day. It was fun, as usual, to have her around. We've been especially grateful for a consistent person in our children's lives to look forward to seeing and visiting. She is a great "Nina" to our three and they love her!

So per Christina'a encouragement I am telling this story on the blog. I didn't tell it earlier because I wasn't too sure I wanted to put it out there but she assured me that it was, indeed, hilarious and needed to be a part of our family history on the blog. If nothing else it will provide a story with which to embarrass Ford in front of his first girlfriend one day.

It happened back in January when we went to pick up Jo Jo and Doc from the guest house upon their arrival to Kenya. We headed over to a shopping mall to have lunch and do some shopping before taking them out to Kijabe. We sat in an outdoor patio area of a local restaurant, Java House. All was going well as we waited for our food until I looked up and noticed Ford standing by a potted plant on the patio. At first glance it seemed normal but upon closer inspection . . . I realized that my sweet little boy was, um, taking a leak in the potted plant at Java House.

I'm sure that is exactly what Grandparents want to see as they arrive to visit their grandchildren who live in Africa. I think it could only reinforce what ever preconceptions they might have of what living in Africa might do to otherwise well-mannered children. Pee pee. In a restaurant. I couldn't believe it.

In my shock I cried out "Ford! What are you doing??". I realize now I should have just played it off or somehow blocked the view of the 50 or so other patrons of the restaurant. When I called out he turned and as you can imagine that increased the mess that was previously well contained in the potted plant and was now forming a nice puddle on the floor.

Luckily my mother in law has a good sense of humor and found it quite funny. I was really in shock and I hoped my reaction at least showed everyone else around that this wasn't normal or accepted behavior. Ford looked just as surprised and I was and clearly didn't understand what he was doing was wrong. He is used to finding a nice spot in the yard and didn't realize that a restaurant would be much different. Sigh. What can I say? We don't get out much.


Exoskeleton said...

A true adventureto humanlife and relations i say...

Shanan said...

that is absolutely hysterical! I love that his body and the spray turned:) Although my boys have never peed inside, they do water their fair share of tires, bushes & grass wherever they are! Thanks for the comic relief.

Christina said...

Just as funny the 2nd time around :) I do love you guys and your kids! So glad we had that time together!