Saturday, April 02, 2011

Baby Rhett

I'd like to introduce you to a very special little boy - Baby Rhett!

You might be a little confused right now but let me explain. This little cutie pie is not a Shirley. His mother, Lydia, is a diabetes educator in the hospital. While she was pregnant my husband Rhett found out a peculiar thing about the culture here in Kenya. You do not speak of your pregnancy and nor does anyone else until the baby is actually born. No rude old ladies rubbing your preggo belly here. Everyone just ignores the fact that you are pregnant until you actually have the baby then you make a big announcement that you had a baby! I thought maybe it was because so many women loose babies before they are born but when I asked around I was told that it was really more of a tradition and superstition than anything else. Anyway, we had just learned about this and so, of course, Rhett asked one of the pregnant women he knew about it - Lydia. She was gracious and thought his inquisitiveness was kind and fun. Another tradition here in Kenya is that you are called Mama ______ (your oldest child's name) so I am Mama Claire (although I'm called Mama Ford or Mama Gus by others who know them better). So Rhett teased Lydia by calling her Mama Rhett (meaning that he baby was named Rhett - not that he was the Dad - just be to be clear :) She thought it was fun and was a good sport about his teasing.

Fast forward to October 27, 2010. Lydia gives birth to a beautiful baby boy named . . . Rhett! She said she like the way "Mama Rhett" sounded when Rhett called her that and that the baby always moved when Rhett talked to her. She said that Rhett was a man who feared God and that was what they prayed for their son. Rhett was honored beyond belief at having a baby named after him! Can you tell?

The only problem is that most people around here have an awful lot of trouble with "R"s - especially his father's tribe (they are an inter-tribal marriage). So poor little Rhett will likely be Whett to many he knows, including his family. Lydia and Moses (Baby Rhett's father) took him to Meru to meet his extended family after his birth and he was blessed with a gift of 3 goats to start his herd. We are absolutely smitten with this adorable little boy and are thankful that we have a very special, lifelong connection with him. I know we are a little biased but isn't he the cutest thing EVER??

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Debra said...

What a great story! Is there a special story of how Rhett got his name that can be told to this family? or saved for later to share with the little boy?