Sunday, March 06, 2011

Rhett at work

I've often wanted to tail Rhett around the hospital and snap some pictures of him at work but, even without asking, I knew he wouldn't go for that. Luckily when Rhett's parents came for their recent visit (post on that soon) his Dad rounded with him and spent the day in the hospital seeing what he does here and he snapped some great pictures.

Rhett on rounds with his team of mid-level practitioners and interns. He is in a teaching role here at Kijabe so a lot of his time is spent in medical educations with Kenyan trainees.

This is the hallway in the Women's Ward ("Salome") where Rhett is the Attending Physician about half of the time. Off of the hallway are rooms which are shared by 6-8 people. There is also a larger open area in the ward that has many beds all together.

This is "Casualty" or the ER. There are 6 or 8 beds here all together. It can get quite crowded during a big trauma as you can imagine.

Rhett and his Dad outside the hospital.

This is Rhett's little office where he works on the HIV/AIDS programing and prepares a lot of the lectures that he gives.

Here is Jo Anne outside of casualty.

Here is a picture of our house! I don't think I've ever shared one before. This gives you a better idea of where we live!

And our shopping center

This is us having dinner at our one and only local restaurant Mama Chikus.

More to come soon!

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