Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Down on the farm again.

After our trip to the Mara we continued our journey to one of my favorite places Kembu Farm. We made our first trip to the farm for Rhett's birthday last year and we thought Rhett's parents would really enjoy it. It is a beautiful colonial farmhouse on a working farm (300 acres I think) that has dairy cows, thoroughbred horses and many other fun things. There are cottages spread out over the property that are all unique and very quaint. We stayed in a different cottage this time that had an amazing! front porch where we spent most of our time just reading and playing and dozing. Bliss.

Our cottage

Time to milk the cows!

(Like my new glasses? $7 from Zenni - nice.)

Feeding the calves.

The "Calf Cottages".

Now for the most magnificent creatures ever.

Claire and Ford went to collect the eggs in the morning.

Our awesome porch where it doesn't matter if your child runs around in a diaper like a redneck :)

Out on a farm walk!

Our next stop was a rose farm near Kembu. There are A LOT of flower farms in Kenya. The flowers make up a huge part of the economy here and are one of the main exports. The flowers grown here go straight to Holland then on the world market. We see lots of these farms int he area where we live but they were a bit of a mystery as to what went on inside them. We were thankful for the opportunity to get a little peek. Here are where your roses come from:

Inside on of the greenhouses.

This one farm exports 100,000 rose stems A DAY!

We sounded like a bunch of dorks as we went on and on about how nice the roses smelled and we were gently told that they were in fact unscented roses. Ahem, of course.

One more chapter of our trip to come!

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Dave Chong said...

so, i chanced upon your blog while googling kijabe. i am also from birmingham and am in kijabe for the next 20 days working at the hospital. would love to meet you all at some point. i'm staying at the ENT house.