Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day

One thing I've been told about raising our kids in a "third culture" is the importance of celebrating American holidays to connect them with their home culture. A perfect example of that was the Valentine Party we were invited to at Amelia and Meredith's house! There were treats galore!! The girls had a blast decorating cupcakes and cookies (which were even more special since Sara found a Betty Crocker cake mix for the cupcakes and, hold on to your seat, a can of frosting in Nairobi! Woo hoo! Yum-my!

After the treat decorating the girls got dressed up in full princess gear and played - what has become one of Claire's very favorite things to do - "princess improv" (for lack of a better term!). All the princesses stand by as Sara comes up with a story and each of them play along as their princess is prompted to play her part in the story. They can't get enough of it and it is precious!

After two stories worth of drama the dancing began!

I believe "Dancing Queen" was blasting at this point! Love it!

This is one happy little Valentine princess! Who can't wait for Valentine's Day again soon!


Emylou said...

I write articles for third culture kids and stumbled on to your site. Just wanted to say Jambo because I was a TCK who lived in Kenya too! :-)


L-Mo said...

OK, for some bizarre reason bloglines stopped posting your blog entries, so I have not been keeping up with one of my favorite blogs in a while. Boo. I just spent all of nap time catching up (instead of reading Leviticus and cleaning). Your family is so precious and I'll be praying better now that I'm back in touch (besides by Facebook).