Friday, February 19, 2010

Quotes of the week

I realize that I have been using my Facebook status as a better record of the funny and interesting quotes around here. Since this blog serves as a record and memoir of our family I may have to repeat a few to make sure we don't forget some of those priceless sayings heard on a daily basis. Sorry for the repetition . . . .

Stranger to Claire: "Habari". Claire to Stranger: "Mzuri". Me to Claire: Wow Claire you are doing a great job on your Swahili! Claire to me: Yeah, you can just call me Kenya-girl from now on . . . or Claire. Either one is fine.

This is Ford's debut in the quote of the week feature!

[Crying and clutching chest] Me: Are you OK, Ford? Did you hit your chest? Ford: No! [crying] My BOOBIE! Me (trying not to laugh) You mean your chest? Ford: NO! My BOOBIE, Mommy! My hit my BOOBIE!

Gus obviously can't contribute at this point however if he could he would probably say something like "Lookout! Here I come!" due to the fact that he pulled up before he was 9 months old and is now crusing around on the furniture with every intention of walking as soon as possible. As the mother of one child who crawled at 10 months and walked at 14 months and the other who crawled at 9 months and walked at 12 months this is slightly blowing my mind. I guess that's what happens when you start crawling around at 7 months. He makes every effort to keep up with the big kids and is quite a force to be reckoned with. This is one tough little guy!

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