Sunday, March 07, 2010


Last week we had an opportunity to travel to the city of Nakuru while Rhett had a series of meetings with the AIDS Relief Program staff. We tagged along and were happy for the chance to get out of Kijabe for a while. We stayed in a nice little hotel (nice by African standards anyway) and learned that shower enclosures are for sissies. The lure of getting out of town and enjoying a few days in a new place was tarnished a bit after spending just a few hours in a hotel room with three children and learning that lunch was served at 1:30 and dinner at 7pm. Anyone with small children can understand why I considered that a deal breaker . . . but it was too late so we provided lots of loud entertainment for other diners at the restaurant at each meal as we tried to feed our over-hungry, over-tired children and ourselves. Sorry.

Rhett had meeings all day and late into the night as the AIDS Relief Program from Kijabe worked on writing a second level provider curiculuum. The kids and I wore out the playground (and the staff at the hotel) and then decided we needed an outing so we got a taxi and headed up to the Menengai Crater. The kids were SO excited - chanting "Crater! Crater!" all the way up. When we got up there Claire looked around and said "Where's the crater?". She then realized she had been scammed and was ready to go back to the hotel. I on the other hand was thrilled to NOT be at the hotel and wanted to enjoy what was in fact a very beautiful crater . . .

Our last day we went with some friends to the Nakuru National Park for a short game drive. I now refer to it as the "gansta game drive" because we were picked up in a matatu with "Barcelona" blazed across the windshield and a CD hanging from the rear view mirror. We picked up a guide at the gate who sat in the front and said things like "There is a rhino" and "There is a buffalo". Really? Any insight there? My 4 year old can tell me that is a rhino! We weren't surprised when at the end the "guide" could not come up with an official receipt. It was fun none the less to see all of these awesome animals in the wild!

All of these monkeys lurked around the entrance of the park and we had to sit there for quite a while as they terrorized me by trying to jump in the van. I learned last year in the jungle that I do not like monkeys. They are creepy.

Here are some of the less creepy animals!

And some of us enjoying the sights . . .

Gus was asleep in the van during this family picture but he woke up a few minute later so we did a "re-do"

It was a lovely way to end our trip to Nakuru. We are excited to be able to explore and enjoy this country that is our home now. It is beautiful and we are reminded of God's beauty and creativity as we take in the sights before us. What a special way to teach our children about God's world in this setting in Africa! (Even though they were less than impressed with the crater!).

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