Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm a big boy now!

Today was the day! Off with the diapers and into "big boy pants" for Ford! He is so proud and so excited to be a big boy! I'm a fan of the one day - cold turkey- potty training method. It worked well with Claire and so far so good with Ford. We have been getting him hyped up about it for several weeks and he was SO ready today. We asked him last night what was going to happen today and he said "pee pee potty! Big boy pants!". He did great all day and only had an accident when I got side tracked with dinner guests and let him go a little long between visits to the potty. I cannot believe he isn't in diapers anymore. I'm kind of sad actually. Only one in diapers?? Don't you just love the boxer briefs ?:)
This is Ford enjoying a cupcake at his "Potty Party" celebrating his first day in big boy pants!

Not to leave the others out - here is Claire (a little sunburned after spending the entire day outside picking berries and getting really dirty) learning to carry her baby Kenyan-style.

And here is Grizzly Gus. Very cute and quite like a puppy we have decided. He is cuddly, crawls around under the table and eats food that has fallen on the floor and likes to chew on shoes. He also had his first fever this week for 3 days (is afebrile now and feeling better) and is cutting 4 top teeth at the same time. He is actually getting the lateral teeth in before the medial ones which is kind of funny and looks a little fang like. This combination has meant a lot of sleepless nights recently and I'm pretty tired. I hope we can get through this rough patch and get back on our normal routine (which does not include sleeping the entire night but also does not include waking up every hour on the hour!).
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Erik and Amanda Hansen said...

Way to go, Ford!! Way to go, Mom!

Jake & Emmie said...

Hi! My name is Jenn Gaddis and our son, Jake was in Ford's Sunday school class at Brookhills. I have loved keeping updated on you guys through the blog! I am very impressed with the "one day potty training." We are about to start that adventure ourself so any tips would be greatly appreciated! =) Please know that we are praying for you guys every day and keep those precious updates coming!

Shanan said...

Woohooo!!! Another star to add to your check list mom! I'm so glad it worked for the second time too. Way to go Fordy. We're so proud of you!!!
Mason is finally back on track and we are a one diaper kid too...I'm okay with that aspect of growing up though:) Love the pics and the big boy pants!