Thursday, January 28, 2010

A few of our favorite things - but only because you asked!

It seems as though we often have people asking us what they can send us as care packages. I realize this is a pretty easy thing for people to do for us and, honestly, it is really fun and encouraging to receive a package with some fun things in it. It can be a little tricky though. It takes an average of 6-8 weeks for large envelopes and boxes to reach us if they go through customs. Which means basically that a customs official opens each package, decides how much it is worth and we then have to trot on down to the post office and cough up several thousand shillings in order to get our stuff. So here is some useful information if you feel so inclined: we have heard envelopes come faster than boxes (I think this might be because not all envelopes go through customs but all boxes do), when filling out the customs form at the post office be sure to list a resale or used value on the items - what would you sell this for?, make sure all tags or packaging is gone - use it a few times or wash it (if applicable). Since we have to pay to get stuff I thought I would post a list of little "happys" (at the risk of sounding like I'm asking for things) that we would love to get!

Pop Tarts (these are for the kids and Rhett - not me - yuck!)
Spice packets (salsa, guacamole, fajita, chili, beef stew, brown gravy, italian dressing etc)
drink packets (lemonade is a favorite around here)
CHOCOLATE CHIPS (not available here and we love some chocolate chip cookies!)
seasonal art projects for the kids (especially for American holidays)
brownie mix (I'm starting to get hungry now)
magazines or novels that you have read and would like to pass along
CD jewel cases (so we can mail DVDs back to our family)
decaf tea bags (Constant Comment is my favorite. There is lots and lots of wonderful tea in Kenya but I can't find any decaf!)
powerbars, granola bars, cliff bars etc.
sliced almonds
parmesean cheese
instant grits
Gerber "puffs"
Mam 6+ month pacifiers
Ziploc bags - all sizes and varieties

It's not a good idea to send movie DVDs through the mail as they have a big street market here and sometimes disappear in customs. However, if you are able to burn DVDs from your DVR I think Rhett would be tickled pink to be able to watch any sort of sporting event including but not limited to UGA football games! I doubt they would be very sought after by customs officials.

Also, we have just been loaned the first season of '24' {and are addicted} and we know that season 2 is available here BUT after that we are high and dry. Since watching '24' on our laptop is now our only source of media entertainment we are hoping to come up with a few more seasons soon. Those would need to be hand carried over here so if you can help us out we will let you know how to make that happen.

Rhett also really needs someone to bring him his "AIDS Therapy" textbook (that weighs more than all three of our kids put together) so if you are headed our way and have room for a big textbook let us know. I guess we should prioritized the textbook over season 3 of '24' but it is a close call :)

So there you have it. A few little happy things that either we can't find here (puffs) or are extremely expensive (parmesean cheese) and would be fun to have!
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