Monday, January 18, 2010


On Saturday Claire and I had the opportunity to visit the CURE hospital here at Kijabe with some 5th grade students from RVA. CURE is a hospital that focuses on pediatric orthopedic care and they have many hospitals all over the world. We were so thankful for the opportunity to play with these kids and as Claire said best "Shine the light of Jesus for them".

I was happy to meet the woman who coordinates activities for the patients at CURE (we would call her a "Child Life Specialist" back home) and she was so friendly and welcoming. I am SO thankful to find a ministry that the kids and I can do together that is right here in Kijabe (about 200 yards from my house!). We are hoping to make visiting the kids at CURE a weekly thing. All of the crafts and little projects are strictly donated for that purpose so if you are interested in sending some craft supplies or projects let me know!

This beautiful smile came from a simple game of balloon toss. This little boy just lit up and had a blast bouncing that balloon around! What a joy and encouragement to see such happiness in faces of others!
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Shanan said...

Claire is going to do great things for our God. She's got the heart and that's the first step. She's a little angel. We miss you C!

Erica said...

just checking in on you guys - that's my old class! :) i love reading your updates!