Thursday, October 01, 2009


This picture has nothing to do with this post but who likes a blog post with out a picture?? Anyway, for some reason our living arrangements in Kenya are so interesting to everyone! Ususally when we say we are moving to Kenya people seriously think we are living in a mud or grass hut. I have tried to debunk the myths associated with missionary housing (although there certainly are plenty of missionaries calling mud houses their home) because I want people to be able to see themselves living where we are going and doing what we are doing. So, that is why I've shared so much about our house and our new little town, Kijabe. And now after all that we've been evicted :) We found out that we won't be in the cute little duplex with a blue roof but instead we will be in the apartment in the "sitaplex" that our friends Erik and Amanda stayed in last spring and I posted pictures of then. I have heard this referred to as the "Hilton of all missionary housing" so we are thankful for the incredibly nice and new accomodations there that we will be able to enjoy. We are looking forward to a great sense of community with the others living in the building and the frequent flow of short term volunteers who often stay there. There are three kids who live across the hall from us and several others on that corner which we are thrilled about. We know our kids will love having others to play with - something we don't have in our neighborhood now.

We worked in Haiti several years ago at a hospital and I think Rhett and I have both had that image in our minds of what it might be like at Kijabe. In Limbe there were several missionary home or duplexes scattered around the property of the hosptial - connected by dirt paths and big tree filled courtyards. Everything was so simple and basic but SO wonderful. I remember thinking that I would love to live in that little room with a single bed and a fan. In my mind I've taken a lot of what Limbe was and transposed it on Kijabe but I am realizing that it is quite different. I had imagined the wide open spaces of Africa where my kids could roam free and my kitchen door constantly slamming as kids came in and out from playing outside with their little Kenyan friends. Maybe it will be like that but maybe not. Either way we are really excited about our new place and looking forward to getting there and checking it out for our selves. In a little over a month we will get to do just that!

Rhett's ID boards are on Tuesday. What a great burden it will be to have that over with! It has been nice having him on a "study" schedule which means that although he is in his office a lot he is still home way more than I ever remember him being here and it is great. Once the test is over he will be working 2 nights a week and will be helping me pack and get ready at full speed ahead in the weeks leading up to our departure. I certainly need it!
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Shanan said...

Claire gets prettier every day...didn't know that was possible...especially with red bows in her hair. I'm excited to see what new blessings flow from this living situation. Love you.

Erica said...

Hi Megan! Just thought I'd check in and see where you were in the process of moving! Sitaplex- exciting! So good to KNOW . . . I hope it doesn't change on you again! When's D Day?