Wednesday, June 03, 2009

How to make an easy transition from 2 kids to 3

HA! I wish I could write a post about the easy transition from 2 to 3 kids! In my last post I unfairly placed the blame on the newest member of our family. I have to correct myself by saying that he is by far the "easiest" of the three kids right now. If it were just him I would sit around all day nursing him (as opposed to walking around all day nursing him as it seems I do now) and just watch him gain weight and grow eyelashes. But, alas, my cup is quite literally running over and my days are busy busy with these three little ones! I have had the most difficult time with just the logistics of getting around with them all. The first two didn't slow me down a bit but it seems as though the addition of a third person to be responsible for has made it much harder (nearly impossible) to run a quick errand or go on an outing. By the way, as I type this Claire has just taught Ford to open the refrigerator and they are rearranging all of the food. This can not be good. Anyway, it is the price I will have to pay for blogging today.

So where was I . . . oh yes - trying to get everyone in/out of the car without someone being killed in the parking lot and not making a scene every where we go. Those are my challenges. Hopefully in a few weeks I will have a better handle on everything and be able to run into the post office without some one looking at me in pity and saying "Oh dear, you have your hands full don't you?" To which I usually respond "yes and it is wonderful" and try to look like I really do mean it (which I do).

We are loving every minute of this wonderful summertime! Nothing like summer in the south. I realize it is insanely hot to a lot of people but I truly do love it. The longs hours of daylight, bowls full of juicy sweet peaches, flipflops, popsicles, sprinklers, lemonade, blooming hydrangeas and magnolias - sigh. It is good for my soul.
Here is the growing Mr. Gus. His cheeks have come in and we are watching in anticipation for the first sign of those delicious little baby rolls. He is just a doll and I am loving every moment of snuggling and getting to know him. He has a very calm temperment (well, most of the time) and as long as his needs are met he is a happy camper. I can't believe he is already 4 weeks old! We were anxiously awaiting the arrival of his birth certificate and his social security card so we can get his passport application in ASAP. Ever try getting a passport picture of a two week old? Keep in mind they have to be looking straight at the camera, eyes open, both ears visible, blah blah blah. Well our first attempt at 2 weeks was a lost cause. His eyes were closed but the lady at Walgreens tried to convince us it didn't matter. We sent one of those in with our Visa application but decided to try again for the passport. So yesterday I noticed he was awake with eyes wide open in the car after I got my haircut. So I put "drugstore" in my GPS and got to the nearest place to take passport photos. We had somewhat success - his eyes were open but only one ear was visible and you can kind of see one of my hands holding him up. We hope Uncle Sam will be gracious and accept it. We will see tomorrow . . .
Claire started gymnastics yesterday and LOVED it. She did great and can't wait to go back. She like the beam the best. She may go slowly but she is NOT going to fall off if she can help it. Now if we can just overcome her flexibility (which she inherited from her father) we may be in business. Can you say Team USA???
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The Wiggins Family said...

this is mary elizabeth wiggins, mark's wife. :) i saw your blog on anna kay's blog and just read through several posts.. and first let me say, congratulations on your PRECIOUS baby gus!! all of your children are so adorable and sweet as pie, i can tell! i am due with baby boy #2 in about 8 weeks, so seeing your sweet boy gets me so excited! the picture of the "big" kids holding his little hands in the backseat is perhaps the most precious thing i've ever seen. it made me tear up just looking at it, so i can't imagine how you felt, as their mama!
anyways, you look wonderful and i hope you are feeling wonderful (i can relate to you on the being short and pregnant thing. whew--the baby has no where to go but OUT and AROUND! haha). i know mark will like to see your blog, so i'll show him!
ya'll take good care and maybe we'll see you sometime soon!
many blessings,
mary elizabeth