Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I sure do miss blogging but it is taking a backseat to everything these days. I'm trying to get away with the bare minimum so I don't miss out recording this part of Gus's life. (side note: Am I using the apostrophe correctly there or is it Gus' ? I should know that.) Anyway, we had a great Father's Day celebrating the wonderfully amazing main man in all of our lives. I am so thankful for Rhett and the amazing father he is to all of our children. He just has such a wonderful grasp on all of the "big" things and how we handle them now and in the future with our children. I'm excited about seeing how he guides their hearts, leads and teaches them in the years to come. I couldn't have hand picked a more wonderful Dad for my kids. He is dearly loved by these little ones.

Here are a few recent pictures of our new little man Gus:
He is starting to look like himself as he looses that "old man" - newborn look. I think he is pretty handsome!

I snapped this one as he was hanging out in our yard all day on Saturday for our yard sale. He was quite a trooper and apparently was having some pretty great dreams. He was probably dreaming of running around a sweaty barefoot mess chasing a ball all day like his brother did - one day soon little man.

Look at those cheeks!!! Don't you just want to kiss and nuzzle them? You better believe I do all the time. I love this little guy so much. He is my little buddy (or "appendage" as Rhett likes to call him which is quite true as well) and we spend most hours of the day and night together which is exactly the way I want it. We are having some wonderfully busy days here at the Shirley house. I'll be back to blogging ASAP.
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Shanan said...

Hey Megan! How did the yard sale go? You are a trouper managing that with those little ones running around. I can't wait to hear about Claire's week at Disney! Yes, Gus is absolutely handsome and those cheeks are to die for. Squeeze and nuzzle away-:) And, growing up as a James, we always say, James'. But, I am not the grammar queen by any means. Miss you. Love the family pic.

K. Vansant said...

I know this is very random, but I just came across your blog while blog hopping. I see you have a son named Gus. I too, have a son named Gus. I have been looking for someone to name their baby that, so that I can hand down all these adorable monogrammed things I have had made for him. You probably have no idea who I am. I am Kristin Kizzire Vansant. I graduated from Hoover High School. I am in amazement that someone else named their child Gus. I love it. Please check our blog out. Our Gus is the blonde, curly haired one..... We have three sons.. Sam, Gus, and Max.. Please let me know if you would like the Gus tshirts. I would love to send them. My doctor is Dr. Robinett.... he said he knew someone who just named their son, Gus.. could that be you???