Thursday, March 12, 2009

Magical Circuit of Light

On Saturday night after our long day at the zoo we decided to make a trip to the Magical Circuit of Light that I've been wanting to go see. Let me preface all of this by saying that I have no idea how to take pictures in low light. I just put my camera on the function with the little moon and hoped for the best. Sometimes it worked sometimes not so much.

This was the coolest thing! It was a HUGE park just full of amazing fountains and water features. One of the most popular was the tunnel above. I've seen shorter lines for Space Mountain! Of course everyone is stopping to take pictures inside like we were so I can't complain. The sign said that there had been over 4 million visitors to the park . . . I think a million were there with us that night! It was packed but so much fun. We walked around and saw all the fountains and lights then waited for what ended up being a spectacular fountain show set to music with lasers and the whole bit. It was similar to the Bellagio in Las Vegas if you've ever seen that show.
The neat part of this park was just how big it was and how many different fountains there were. It was so unique and unlike anything I've ever seen. What a great idea! I just love parks and this one was just fantastic. I think someone should show Birmingham's Mayor, Larry Langford, this park. I'm sure he would build one in the 'Ham (he's a big spender). Don't you think it would help with Birmingham's bid for the Olympics? What . . . you didn't know B'ham was trying to get the Olympics - oh yes! Anyway, I digress . . . here are some more pics of the fountains and our evening there . . .

Daddy and Claire watching the show. Didn't you love sitting on your Dad's shoulders when you were little? It is the by far the best way to watch a parade and a sad day when you don't claim that seat anymore.

It is hard to believe how fast our time is going here. We have less than two weeks left in Lima! When our time here is done we will take off for the jungle for 5 days where Rhett will finish the course then we will go to the beach for several days before heading home. We were originally going to go out to a jungle lodge for a vacation but our plans were complicated by my pregnancy and malaria risk (you know- normal vacation complications!) so we decided the safest thing would be to head back to the beach where there is no malaria and better access to health care in an emergency. So those are our plans . . . still lots to do here before we leave. I've given up on Spanish. I can manage well enough with what I want/need to do and that is all I can do at this point. I've set my sights on Swahili and I'm hoping it is easier for me! As Claire says . . . Ciao!
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Shanan said...

who hoo!!! What fun. I'm all for B'ham Summer Games...I'll get on writing Larry a letter about it. We miss you guys but are so glad you are having a wonderful time as a family. I'm proud of you.