Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Date Night

On Saturday night we took one of our very generous friends up on their offer to babysit and headed out to a really unique restaurant here in Miraflores, Huaca Pullcana, that we have been wanting to try. It is set among some pre-Incan ruins so as you dine on the large veranda you look out at the ruins all lit up. It was very beautiful and different.

The food was really great too! We did an appetizer course that let us sample 4 different appetizers. From L-R 1. crab cake balls (there is probably a much more descriptive way to describe them but that is what they were) - very good, 2. shrimp stuffed crab claws - good 3. some sort of shrimp in a sauce - the best 4. Cuy with a polenta cake and vegetable garnish (if you've been paying attention you will remember that cuy is guinea pig). It was so yummy at the other restaurant that we decided to get it again here. It was a little tougher this time but was still good. I had sea bass that was fantastic and Rhett went for the rock fish which I think he really liked (I was too busy scarfing down mine to know honestly!). I picked a dessert for us to share and it was just sort of OK. It was a common Peruvian dessert of a hard shell filled with dulce de leche which has it's own special taste. I'm not a huge fan and wish I would have gone for the chocolate option now but I was trying to step out of the box a little bit.
Here I am in the resturant looking out at the ruins (31 weeks).
Here is Rhett chillaxing in the ruins. It was a wonderful date night with good food and great conversation - the only thing missing was good wine. I've been pregnant or breast feeding for so long that I've almost forgotten what good wine is so it wasn't missed although those Pisco sours that everyone here are sipping on do look pretty interesting :) We have had so many wonderful opportunites and experiences on this trip. Rhett has learned SO much at the course and has really enjoyed being back in "school" again. He says this is the highlight of all of his medical education (which has been a lot) so I think that sums it up pretty well. As far as the kids go this has just been amazing for each of them. The world just got really big for them and for that I am grateful. As for me I am so thankful to have this experience at this point in my life. I'm grateful to have seen a new country and experienced big city living for the first time (I can do without all of the noise, honestly). God has shown me some weak areas that are going to be hit harder when we get to Africa so I'm thankful for that realization (self discipline and organization - which I knew were weak areas before but have just been amplified in this situation).

So now we are in the home stretch. One more week here in Lima then off to the jungle then the beach before coming home. I have decided that one of three things is going to happen first in the next three weeks 1. Our children are going to outgrow all of their clothes and shoes (seriously Ford is working with slim pickins at this point) 2. We are going to run out of money 3. we are going to go home. We have a lot to look forward to here before we get home but also a lot to look forward to when we get home so I'm torn. Just trying to live each day and embrace one of my favorite quotes "Wherever you are be there fully" - Jim Elliot.
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Shanan said...

Wow - awesome. Thank you for taking pictures of the food and the ruins. What a great restaurant. I love the quote "Wherever you are be there fully." I'm trying to live that way now and we are still 17 months from moving!!! You look beautiful, Megan, thank you for sharing your pictures with us.

L-Mo said...

You look awesome, Megan! Thanks for keeping us so well updated on your adventures. And I'm glad it was a good experience for Rhett too. Jonathan would have loved that course I think.