Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A day at the zoo . . .

On Saturday we had a great family outing to the Parque de las Leyendas - Lima zoo. It was actually a lot better than I thought it might be. Some of the habitats were really nice but it looks like they ran out of money when they got to the big cats. There were lots of lions in some pretty small cages who didn't look too thrilled. Anyway, it was a nice albeit hot day and we enjoyed all being out together.

We laughed at how many alpacas there were! It reminded me of when I went on safari in Kenya and was really excited to see zebras and took like a thousand pictures the first day as our guides encouraged us there were much more interesting things ahead. I was content and quite excited about seeing the zebras and didn't really understand. I finally realized they were right and by the last day I was barely looking up at zebras. Same with the alpacas at the zoo. At first we were really excited and then realized how many of them there were at almost every turn and although they aren't something we see at home we got over them pretty quickly!
Look at how big my little man is getting! He is such a good sport about everything - just happy to be along for the ride. He is so flexible and easy going . . . just a pleasure to have around. He is so low maintenace too - whether it is sitting in a regular chair in a restaurant, trying new foods, drinking just about everything without any sort of sippy cup, sleeping in a regular bed, climbing in and out of taxis . . . he is game. We are amazed by him daily and so proud of him. As long as he gets his Hippo and his paci at bed time he is good to go :)
"Let me guess . . . another alpaca???"
Daddy and Claire checking out a huge Galapagos turtle!
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Shanan said...

Awesome - I love the Alpaca picture with the kidos. We know people in Texas put Alpacas on their land to reduce taxes - they are funny big animals! I'm so glad you guys are having a ball and so happy that Fordy is so easy-going. That will come in handy in the years to come! We miss you guys and are excited about your adventures.