Saturday, January 24, 2009

Home sweet Lima

We have had another busy day getting settled in our new temporary home here in Lima. Just a little background - we are staying in a very nice area of town called Miraflores. It feels like a city unto itself in this very large metropolis. We are really enjoying city life and looking forward to this new way of living - even if it is temporary. I told Rhett tonight that the hard part was over - we have traveled here with two small kids, managed ALL of our luggage, figured out how to get local cell phones, found an apartment and made our first trip to the grocery store. Did I mention that people don't speak English here? I guess I just kind of figured most people would understand a little bit but that is completely not the case. I promise I will be much nicer and more understanding to non-English speakers when I get home. I see people getting frustrated with us and giving us the "why don't you speak Spanish?" look. Sorry. I should have paid much more attention in my high school Spanish class. I clearly realize that now. Too late.

Anyway, we are finally feeling settled in our apartment after a big moving day from our hotel today. We have our internet up and running so we are feeling connected and ready to get into a routine. Here are some pictures of our new place. It is in a newer high rise building on 28 de Julio Avenida (which is Peru's Independance Day but also my birthday so I thought that was pretty cool). Just so our parents know - it is very safe. There is a door man and security 24/7. Feel better? We are on the 13th floor which I guess some people wouldn't like (either for the height or for the number) but I figure if I don't think it is unlucky it's not and height doesn't bother us (don't worry it is safe for the kids and we are being extremely careful, Mom.)
This is the kitchen. It is a brand new apartment so it is squeaky clean and very nice. It is sort of a pseudo-kitchen because there is no stove or oven - just a double hot plate, toaster oven, microwave and griddle. We will make due just fine with that. It is about the same size as our kitchen at home :)
You can see everything a little better in this one. The whole apartment is 67 sq meters. I'm not sure how that translates but it is quite cozy. Plenty big for us though. It has lots of great storage and a walk-in closet (gasp) in our room. Not something we have at home so that is a treat!
This is Ford in my lavandaria. It is basically an open air laundry area off the kitchen. There is a washing machine (no dryer), hot water heater and big sink out there. I will hang our clothes out there to dry or take them downstairs where there is a pay dryer.This is Claire and Ford's room. The perfect size for little people!

This is one of the two bathrooms . . .

This is our room . . .

This is our small terrace . . . (the railing is very high and safe, Mom)

This is our city view. If we were on the other side of the building we would be looking at the Pacific Ocean but alas we are looking at the highway. Oh well. Definitely lots of city noise that is taking a while to get used to especially since there is no A/C and we have to leave the windows and doors open for ventilation. At one point while we were walking on the street Claire said (clearly annoyed) "Why does everyone honk so much in Peru?!!". At first she thought it was neat that people were honking then it started to get on her nerves - ha! One of the many different things she is taking in here.

This is our living area. I should have taken pictures before we brought all of our stuff in or waited until after we had it all put away but you get the idea. It is a wonderful little place we are excited to call our own for the next 2 1/2 months. Tomorrow we are meeting with the group of course participants to go on a walking tour of Miraflores and have lunch. Then the kids and I will be heading back to the apartment while Rhett does a course orientation and goes to a cocktail party. Monday is the first day of the course and our first "real" day with Rhett being gone. I plan on making a stop by the playground and the kiddie pool at some point and probably another trip to the grocery store. Since we can only buy as much as we can carry I guess I will be making frequent trips. Maybe I'll figure it all out eventually! It was quite an adventure today. I'll post more details on that later!


Katharine said...

Amazing! So thankful to God that you found a sweet place to call 'home.' I will definately pray on Monday for you adventure of a day, this definately gives the name of you blog a whole new meaning!
PS We got your letter and finished it with chills all over and tears in my eyes. awesome.

Shanan said...

Oh my sweet friend - I'm so glad you got there with little trouble and that ya'll were able to find an apartment so fast! God is soooo good. Thank you for all the pictures - I love seeing your new little home. More importantly, I love seeing Ford & Claire in the pictures of your new home. Keep the pictures coming. Have fun at the pool and park and I'll be praying for you this week as Rhetters heads to his program. You are one tough chica and I know the Lord will be with you every step of the way. How was dinner and the walking tour? Love you guys!

Julie and Philip said...

How exciting! I'm glad you guys are settled in; I know that's a relief. We're praying for you! Keep the updates and pics coming!