Monday, January 26, 2009

Bags of milk and first load on the line

Yesterday was a wonderful day! We went on a 2 hour walking tour with the group of the Miraflores area to get acquainted. I'm quite directionally challenged so I need all the help and orientation I can get. We ended up at the place above. What you see is one happy little girl! She was so excited to see the ocean and as if that wasn't exciting enough there was an ocean front playground as well. This is a really neat little shopping and dining area called Larco Mar that is built into the cliff on the edge of the Pacific. We had lunch here and made a short visit to the playground (next time we will wear tennis shoes because the hot sand in the sandals was not a big hit with the Princess). From here we made the 15 minute walk back to our apartment (yep - only 15 minutes!). It was nice to enjoy some family time with Rhett before he started his intensive study program today.

So many people have asked how you can pray for us so I will keep updating you when things arise. The first one is for Ford to adjust to everything here mostly in terms of sleeping. Several days of exhaustion have caught up with him and although we are chipping away at his sleep deficit he is still having a hard time sleeping. He just needs lots of hugs and snuggles that we are happy to give at all hours but I'm not sure starting to co-sleep at 15 months is a good idea with a new baby on the way in a few short months. There's just not enough room in our bed! Anyway, just pray that God would grant him a peaceful rest and he will find his packnplay homey and inviting!

Any ideas on what this is? Yep, it's a bag of milk. I searched high and low trying to find fresh milk at our grocery store. I found a whole aisle of the boxed condensed/dried variety but the whole cold section was filled with jugs and cartons of yogurt - no milk. Finally I saw these bags at the bottom of the yogurt section. Interesting. Ford seems to really like it and he is not much of a milk drinker so I guess it is really good. I'm sure I'll have lots of stories from the grocery store where I suspect I will be going every other day or so. I was so impressed with how nice it is. I would describe it as a cross between Whole Foods and Fresh Market except smaller. Very nice and the prices are really good. Except on peanut butter. We plopped down almost $7 for a jar yesterday. By far the most expensive item we bought.

Here is a first . . . my first load of laundry on the line in my lavandaria. I hope Claire doesn't mind be posting pictures of her Dora and Ariel undies on the web! When Rhett came home from class today there I stood - barefoot and pregnant - hanging clothes on the line and making dinner with two little ones around my ankles. He thought it was really cute. I'm still undecided.
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Are We There Yet?? said...

That bag of milk sent me back to Clarke Middle School circa 1990. Remember when they switched from milk cartons to milk bags?? It was so bizarre!!

Looks like you are settling in well. I can't wait to read all of your Peruvian adventures! Take care...we are praying for all of you.

Shanan said...

Wow Mego - this is just the start of a wonderful adventure as you discover new views and glimpses of God's glory. He's full of wonderful surprises and isn't He creative in all that He made. I'm glad Fordy likes the bag of milk - I'm not so sure that I would be up for even trying milk in a bag! The picture of Claire in front of the ocean is breathtaking and I'm sure it's the first of many to come. We'll be praying for Ford and hopefully he'll adjust very very quickly. Does anyone else have children in the program? Can't wait to hear about Rhett's first day at school. Did you take a picture of him leaving with his lunch? Love you guys.

Susan said...

This is bringing back a lot of memories from Spain. The sleep thing was a big issue especially with Rainey - she was about 20 months I think. Frankly I don't have any advice either. I think we just took it night by night and got through it.
Milk - also a whole lot of unrefrigerated milk and eggs in Spain. Still haven't figured that one out.

We used to go to the grocery store almost every day - since you can only take what you can carry. Charles said to remind you that the stroller is an excellant way to transport groceries if you can leave the kids with Rhett for a while. You look a little strange pushing a stroller with no kids, but you can bring home many more groceries.

Stephanie said...

so happy you are getting settled in... praying this continue to go well and God protects and provides for you all.
we love you!