Thursday, January 29, 2009

Claire's quotes for the week

1. I'm going to go to Heaven and ask God why He doesn't have a face.

2. (Upon arrival at the Lima airport)
Claire! We are in Peru! Aren't you excited?
Yeah! Now we can go to Kenya!

3. We are going to go home on Saturday so I can go to ballet on Monday.

4. In Peru you have to put the toilet paper in the trash can NOT in the potty!

5. (coming out of her room about 30 minutes after being put to bed)
Mommy!! Little Baby is swimming in a swimming pool just like Ford and I went swimming in a swimming pool today!!
(she is fascinated by the fact that Little Baby is swimming in my tummy naked. She was worried at first that "she" was cold but I reassured her it is like a warm bathtub. She says as soon at LB comes out we will put some jammies on her!).

6. I have Jesus and God and Noah in my heart.
(I think Noah may be played up a little too much on the preschool scene).
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Shanan said...

Claire, you are adorable. You melt your Mommy & Daddy and auntie's heart. And, I love your Peruvian curls-:) We can't wait to see you in June. Yes, I am planning a trip for G & I to come and meet LB.

Stephanie said...

sweet claire is too funny!!! casey and i are laughing!!!:) we are prayaing for you and missing you!!!