Wednesday, August 20, 2008

names, names, names

I think names are so interesting. I love reading the Baby Name Wizard blog and getting an "expert's" analysis of names. Just a hobby I guess. I'm always on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what people name their babies. What people name their kids tells you a lot about them. Sometimes I think "out of all the names out there that was your favorite?"and other times I think "oooh, I need to remember that!". So today we got Claire's class list in the mail and I thought the names were all interesting. Aside from the two Lukes it might as well be a family of 13 kids! They all sound like siblings to me. Here they are:

Lily Grace


Isn't that interesting? Lucy, Hannah and Claire (obviously) are 3 of my favorite names for girls. And Evie . . . absolutely precious! I was surprised at how ultra conservative the boys names are. There's not a Jaden or Cadyn in the bunch. Even more interesting - according to the Baby Name Wizard 1/3 or all boys names today end in "-n" but there's only one -n in the whole bunch of the boys in Claire's class! Overall I think almost all of the names are great. Classic but not too trendy. That's becoming a tough combination to come up with.

I think that looking at the names of today's preschool classes are a fun way to see current trends in naming and upcoming trends in naming too. Sometimes it's really obvious like my previous 1 year old Sunday school class had - Abby, Abbey, Ava, Allie, Allie and Cally! So indulge me with the names in your kids' classes. Don't forget to put their age and your city. I'll add Ford's class next week after we go to his open house (he's at a different school than Claire since they don't have MDO for infants). Anyway, this should be fun . . . (for me anyway :)

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Susan said...

Names really interest me too. Check my blog later today and I'll have a post about it. Don't have time to finish it now.

Oh, and Charles was headed to the Western Sizzlin to scout new names, in case we have that third child ;)