Tuesday, August 26, 2008

10 months!

Here is a link to a recent photo shoot that we had done for Ford. It was supposed to be "9 months" but ended up being 10 months. They turned out fantastic! Thanks so much Erin! I'm so excited that I have a beautiful photo of my kids TOGETHER! That is an impossible feat without major and somewhat divine intervention. In this case I was doing cartwheel in the grass. It worked!


By the way, this is not our house. My sweet friend, Dawn, offered her house for us because I've done the whole "outdoor pictures in August in Alabama" thing and decided that wasn't in anyone's best interest. She has a beautiful air conditioned home with lots of big windows and great light. Our house has not so big windows and not so great light. So even though we cheated and it's not our house I think they turned out so great that it doesn't matter. I love the ones of him with his beloved ball. That is so Ford - ALWAYS throwing a ball (if a ball isn't available he will settle for whatever is within his reach!) I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


Shanan said...

Man! I do not envy your job of having to pic out the best pictures...they are all fabulous. Especially the ones with the children - wow. You are beautiful children and it looks like the photo shoot was fun!!! Fordy is getting too big way too fast. I think it's time Fordy is a middle child-:) love you guys!

Are We There Yet?? said...

He is PRECIOUS and those pictures of them together are priceless. He looks just like you, Megan. Adorable!!

The Kenyons said...

I love the pics!!! The ones of them together are incredible! They are both adorable, Ford made me think of Mac in a lot of those pictures I guess it is the Shirley in them :)