Monday, June 02, 2008

Over the river and through the woods . . .

Off we went to Grandmother's house - or Ama as we call her. Rhett was off on yet another adventure in the developing world (in Honduras on a mission trip this time) last week so we took advantage of the summer slow down and headed to my parent's house in Athens. I don't remember the last time we were in Athens just to hang out and visit without a busy weekend involving a football game, wedding, reunion etc. I was excited to come and hang out for a whole week! My first priority was eating at as many of my favorite places in Athens as I could (well the low end - family friendly ones anyway). I ate at the Taco Stand 3 times thank you very much and it was delicious. There is something about the little local restaurants in Athens that is just special. Other favorites are Add's lunch counter, 5 Points Deli, Lumpkin Cafe, The Grit, DePalma's and the list goes on. They may not look like much to outsiders but they are special and I miss them. Anyway, enough about food. We had a busy week filled with many hours of playing with dolls and dollhouse. There is something so special about seeing my little girl playing with my Cabbage Patch Kids and being obsessed with dollhouses like I was as a little girl. On our next trip I want to take her to Babyland General Hospital up in Cleveland, GA. I went when I was a little girl and it was so much fun to see the Cabbage Patch Kids being "born" from the cabbages.
We also went to the pool and the big "Wow" park. I guess they call it the "Wow" park because that is what you say when you drive up and see how big and fun it looks. I also think it is because you say "Wow" when you realize how hot it is at a park with no shade trees or canopy during the summer in Georgia. Claire LOVES to swing. Rhett and I have wondered how long she would actually go if we didn't make her get out. My parents put up a swing for her at the house so she got lots of swinging time in with Pa Pa on our trip. During the middle of the week we headed down to Lake Oconee to go "camping" in my parent's new motorhome . . .
For as long as I can remember my Dad has wanted a big motorhome to go wandering around in. So now that he is finally officially retired he and my mom bought 36 feet of motorhome bliss and are hitting the road. They leave for their first big trip up the east coast to Maine and Nova Scotia in a few weeks. Even with the three of us and two kids it was very comfy - the sides pop out giving more space when it is parked. It even has bunk beds for the kids. Ford will graduate from the packnplay to the bunkbeds one day anyway.
We had a fun filled few days walking around the campground and enjoying being away from the "city" for a while. There was a beach at the camp ground but we skipped it this trip because when I asked Claire if she wanted to go to the beach she said she didn't want to get her feet dirty. Maybe next time little Princess.
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Elizabeth said...

Oh, BabyLand General is the greatest place ever!! Some of my favorite childhood memories are from that place. I've actually found excuses to go a few times in the last 5's still wonderful! I've named 3 Cabbage Patch babies...hopefully many more to come, although I should probably let the kids do the naming!