Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Claire's quotes of the day and latest happenings

Claire's been on a roll with cute things this morning . . .

"Awww, Bunny it's OK . . . Mommy, Bunny is upset" Why Claire? "He wants to go back to Disney World. It's OK Bunny we will go back to Disney World soon."

"Soon I'm not going to have a paci anymore. The garbage man is going to come pick them up and throw them in the back of the trash truck with Ford's stinky poo poo."
(For the record all I told her was that soon she wouldn't have a paci anymore. I wasn't as brutal about it as she was).

Claire is very into matching these days. We are working on coordinating colors because we were very monochrome for a while. She doesn't think that a green bow goes with a pink dress because it "doesn't match".

She has also learned her right from her left so everything is now has to be designated "my left shoe", my "right hand" etc. etc.

She has also learned to skip which is borderline hilarious. The only thing I can liken it to is Phoebe running on Friends if that is a familiar image to anyone.

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Shanan said...

oh Claire, you are a doll. You won't want paci back after it's been in the garbage truck anyway! Enjoy these last couple of days with paci - what great memories ya'll have made. Tell Momma & Daddy that you want to come with Aunt Shaney to Disney World at the end of February. I'm sure they'll take you then! Even if they are still in Peru or just getting home-:)