Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day with my sweet babies! Rhett surprised me with a delicious breakfast in bed (oatmeal, orange juice and hot chocolate with whipped cream) to start out "my " day! We had a full day planned with Ford's baby Dedication at church. We had all of our extened family in town for the Dedication and lunch afterwards. Claire was so cute during the ceremony. She waved at everyone as we were waiting our turn to be called out on stage "Hi Ama!, Hi Pa Pa! Hi Mac! Hi Jo Jo! Hi Doc!" - all the way down the line. She thought it was pretty fun because after it was over she said she wanted to go back on stage again. We may have a little performer on our hands!
This is my sister-in-law, Tish and nephew, Mac. I thought picture of us and our little ones (she has another little boy due in September) was in order since it was Mother's Day and we are in the trenches. I'm so thankful that we are in this stage of life and motherhood together. She is such a blessing to me. I hit the sister-in-law jackpot! I'm glad our kids will be so close in age too. It won't be long before we have Claire trying to boss around three very busy little boys. I'm excited for our kids too since they will have cousins so close in age to play with and grow up together.
You know you are a grown up when you have a kids table set up and you aren't sitting at it. Mac and Claire were sent to the playroom to eat and yes that is my daughter eating her lunch on Federal Platinum. She wouldn't dream of eating on plastic when it was very clearly a special day with fancy dishes. Clearly a sign of things to come.
So here I am with my second baby on Mother's Day. The blessings just keep on coming. I spent some time on Sunday reading 1 Samuel where Hannah so desperately wanted to become a mother and God answered her prayer by giving her Samuel. She in turn gave him back to the Lord. The verse from Ford's birth annoucement from Hannah's prayer in 1 Samuel 2 that starts "My heart rejoices in the Lord . . ." I have always loved her story. I have wanted to be a mother for so long (as long as I can remember) and I am overwhelmed when I think that I am living my dream. I spent some time on Mother's Day just thanking God for the priviledge and honor of being a mother to these children He has given me. When I think about all of the joy they have given me I feel as though my heart is going to burst. I pray that I can be a mother like Hannah and realize that although the Lord has entrusted them to me for this time they are ulitmately His.

I realize I have blown through my 100th post and not done my celebration post. I will work on it in the days to come but I have a feeling it may take a while so I'm putting it off. So at this point it will be 104 things about myself! Stay tuned . . .
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Shanan said...

Happy Mothers Day, my precious friend. I look forward to hearing more details about the big dedication/Mother's Day celebration. Your children are blessed to call you mom as well as super lucky. I miss you terribly. love you!