Friday, October 26, 2007

Week 1

Here are some pictures of our first week home with Ford! All of the noise he makes comes from his bottom - barely a peep from his mouth! His Aunt Chrissie is wondering if he has vocal cords! I am prepared for that to change at any moment but I am enjoying this sweet, quiet baby for now! Despite the picture above Claire is still very excited about her brother - she even asked me to bring him in to say good night to her last night. She was upset about the bow in her hair in this picture but I thought it was too cute not to share. She was excited about sharing her "new ride" with Ford (the picture is his first walk outside) and kept leaning over to check on him asking "are you OK, Baby?". I'll share more pictures soon. For now it's off to breastfeed and change little diapers!


Shanan said...

We love you precious Ford! I can't wait to hold you and kiss your sweet face. Claire, you are an incredible big sister. We miss ya'll and hope to see you when you come home to Ga...SOON! love, shan and the boys

julie said...

He is just too cute! Claire is going to be a great big sister. I can't wait to meet the new precious baby!