Friday, October 12, 2007

Still waiting . . .

No baby news yet! We are still waiting on little Ford to decide to check out the outside world. I was 3cm in the office on Wednesday. My doctor says I'm right there - I just need a few good contractions or for my water to break. So we just wait. I really feel like I may be pregnant forever - like this is my new reality. I can't really imagine not having this big ole belly and actually being able to reach down and pick things up again! I think Claire has given up on the baby being born. She has been hearing about him for quite a while but by now she is like "really . . . where is this baby you keep talking about?". She just kind of ignores us when we try to get her excited about him where as she used to get all into it and hug my tummy. Now she occasionally brings him some socks or a paci and lays them on my belly but that's about it. Her dolls have taken over the swing bouncy seat and carseat so Ford is going to have to work it out with the triplets as to where he is going to hang out. We will keep you posted if anything happens . . .

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The Allums Family said...

Come on! Nathan needs a playmate!!! You can not hang in there forever!!!! It can't be that homey?!?!
Praying he comes real soon!!!!
Love you guys!!!!
Stephanie, Casey and Nathan