Monday, June 04, 2007

Last Call!

Rhett had his last Resident call this past week. We celebrated by making cupcakes as a surprise for him when he got home. It's kind of hard to believe and imagine a life without overnight call. It's something that Rhett has been doing every 4-5 nights most months of the last 3 years. We are looking forward to our "new life" as he starts his infectious disease fellowship in July. He will still have call but there aren't too many ID emergencies. The worst will be an occasional weekend that he will have to go in to round be we can handle that. Now any nights he spends away from home will be for moonlighting - which although we hate not having Daddy at home at night occasionally - at least he will be getting paid!

We went swimming the other day at the Slappey's house. We had a lot of fun in the pool and visiting with their family. Claire still really enjoys the water and is a little daredevil like her Dad. We are settling into a summer routine which is nice. We've got a lot of cleaning out and reorganizing to do before our new baby arrives this fall. We have to really maximize the space in our little house - definitely a challenge with two kids! When Claire was a baby we had all of the standard baby gear (bouncy seat, swing, playmat etc.) but none of the toys that we have now. So it will be even more crowded when we get out the baby gear again on top of the toys we have managed to acquire the last 17 months! We are trying to minimize our stuff and maximize the space we have. It's actually really good going through everything and asking "do I really need this?". You can see how easy it would be to accumulate a lot of stuff over the years if you're not careful. Rhett is currently going through several boxes of things that his parents brought after cleaning out his room at their house. I think he is enjoying his walk down memory lane but come to me and asks what he should do with his trophies from middle school. I think unless it is a Heisman or an Oscar it can go!


Stephanie and Casey Allums said...

That is great no more being on call!!
I can totally uderstand trying to maximize small spaces!! It is almost immpossible! Good Luck! We can not wait to meet the newest little Shirley Baby Boy!
Love You Guy and Praying for You!
Stephanie and Casey

Susan said...

I hear ya on the throwing stuff away! I'm doing the playroom now. Anyone want some Fisher Price Little People - I'm pretty sure we have a whole little city, and no one plays with them. Plastic junk to the trash!

The Bowers Family said...

Congrats on the last call, I know that will be especially nice when the new little guy makes his entrance. Claire sure is growing up to be a beautiful little girl.
love and prayers,
Kim, Chris and Madison