Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's a Boy!

Here are pictures of the newest Shirley! We were excited to get the news that our baby boy is healthy and doing great! He is a little skinny (he weighs about 8 oz!) but we've got plenty of time to fatten him up before he gets here. It's hard to believe he will probably gain 7 1/2 lbs before he's born!! Rhett "knew" it was a boy from the very beginning (he was also right about Claire being a girl!) so he wasn't surprised. I kind of thought it might be a boy but it seems so strange that I could make a little boy! Girls just seem so natural to me (I guess because I am a girl and I've already had a girl) so I boy is a different experience. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to experience all of the fun things that go along with each sex. I can't wait to go to the ballet recitals and to the ball field. I would be sad if I missed either one. I'm excited about being there for Claire on her wedding day and watching her become a mother and I'm equally excited about raising a little boy into a wonderful man to give to a special woman one day.

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The Bowers Family said...

Congrats on the newest Shirley!