Monday, June 25, 2007

Washington, DC

We just got home from our short trip to D.C. for the annual POW/MIA meeting. Rhett's Mom is the president of the League of Families of those missing from Vietnam (her brother is missing). We were really excited that we were able to go to support her and we had a great time too. Claire is a great traveler and loves going out and doing fun things. It was a pretty long weekend because we crammed so much travel and activites into about 48 hours but she hung in there. We did have one minor incident on our last flight home from Charlotte to B'ham. As we were oh so patiently waiting for them to refuel our aircraft (after being told to run -yeah right- to make our connection!) Rhett and I were trying to entertain Claire as our 1 hour flight was turning into a 2 hour flight. Suddenly we both look up at each other and say "what's that smell?". We look down at our precious little girl and she looks up at us and says for everyone on the small plane to hear "STINKY!!". Yes, she was referring to herself. Then the ohsofamiliar "poopey face" appears as she concentrates to finish her business and throws in a few grunts in case someone wasn't quite sure what was going on. This is not a situation that can wait so I grab my now "stinky" daughter and head up the aisle to the lavatory. The flight attendant sees me and says "you need to sit down we are about to leave" and I politely began to explain that it was in everyone's best interest that I change my child's diaper. We have flown with Claire a few times before but somehow managed to avoid the diaper-change-in-the-lavatory situation. Obviously I was about to break that tradition as I began to change my sweet baby's extremely messy leaky diaper (I won't be too descriptive but she hadn't gone in a few days - enough said). It was everywhere. All over her, the changing table and yes even the wall. In the midst of all of this she is screaming "Daaaaaaddddddy!" which is kind of funny because that is exactly what I wanted to scream too. We ended up making it back to our seats with out too much more commotion and eventually made it back to Birmingham. We are happy to be home today as we try to recover from the trip and get ready for another one this weekend. We are looking forward to going to Mac's first birthday party in Atlanta, then on to a wedding in Athens and then up to North Carolina for a few days. Whew. I need a nap already.

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