Wednesday, June 22, 2011

X is for X-ray

Ford has been fortunate enough to be included in the "3 year old" preschool this year even though he didn't turn 3 until October and is younger than all of the other kids. It has been great for him to have a "school" to go to one morning each week for a couple hours.

Today they were learning about the letter X and my new sweet new friend, Mardi, needed some help taking the kids on a little field trip to the hospital to learn all about X-rays. I was happy to come along so I could take pictures and see what they were learning.

Taking a group of three and four year olds anywhere is very much like herding cats. We made it the 100 yards from Mardi's house to the hospital and through the hospital to the x-ray department without too much of a scene.

The kids liked guessing at the different parts of the body in the x-rays as our missionary radiologist gave them a nice talk all about x-rays!

Not long ago we took Claire's class to the dentist on her class field trip.

The kids had fun although I think they were all a little nervous. Other field trips she has gone on this month during their "community helper" unit are to the RVA laundry facility, the RVA cafeteria, the local mechanic, the post office, the local shop/restaurant/vegetable market. The grand finale is on Monday when we all go to a nearby cheese factory to see how they make cheese and enjoy some pizza. Definitely a different preschool experience!

Meanwhile, Gus hangs out with our houseworker Esther. This is how I found him the other day . . . enjoying his morning chai!

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