Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I was looking back a my posts and realized I missed a huge occasion! Gus turned two on May 5th! My little baby is no longer such a little baby. Sigh. I'm the only one around here mourning that fact however. With a fun birthday like Cinco de Mayo there will always be a party on his birthday (that will include yummy Mexican food and perhaps eventually a margarita or two :) We invited a new family over to celebrate with us and it was a fun evening.

Making cakes is NOT my thing even though I went to huge effort to have a ball shaped cake pan brought over and everything. Oh well. Rhett was quick to point out that I did the basketball lines all wrong but I did in fact follow the directions when I should have just looked at a basketball. Once again oh well.

Three special days with one special boy.

Gus is fiesty and tough. He loves to snuggle and loves his Mommy (as evidenced by him saying Mommy approximately 7,421 times a day). The only thing he loves more is a basketball. He has "mad skills" as his Daddy describes and spends most of his days with a ball in his hands. He is starting to play with his big brother and sister more and more. He adores Claire and has a beautiful beginning to a special brother relationship with Ford (meaning they spend a lot of time wrestling and chasing each other while laughing hysterically).

Every night when Rhett gets home he is greeted by little Gus, ball in hand, saying "Daddy, let go play ball" and off they go - loving it. When we moved into this house we had no idea what a blessing it was that we have a small basketball court in our yard. It is one of the only flat and one of the only paved places around and the only way Gus found his passion in young life!

Happy 2nd birthday to my little baby (no more).

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