Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On the Road

Some of the most interesting sights in Kenya are on the road. Having spent a considerable amount of time in the developing world I don't notice a lot of things now (donkeys causing traffic jams, women carrying things on their heads, people pulling carts, families on motorcycles etc.) However, there are still lots of crazy and interesting things to be seen. Some of the signs are hysterical! I wish I had my camera for the "No Hooting" sign I saw the other day! Hooting as in "to hoot" or "one that hoots" (who is a hooter, I guess) which can be translated into "honking". I decided to keep my camera in my lap yesterday during our 1 hour drive from Nairobi to Kijabe to show some of the interesting sights . . .

Hawkers. These are people who make a living by "hawking" or selling goods to those stuck in some of the miserable traffic jams around Nairobi. It is amazing what can be had . . .

Do you need a ball or toys? Today is your lucky day!

Perhaps some educational posters for your little one?


My favorite hawker sighting was a man carrying a satellite dish. Not kidding.

I thought this sign was funny :) Make mine a double!

This is something that I just can't wrap my mind around. This is how the people cross the HIGHWAY! If they haven't chipped away at the diving wall as shown here they just hop on over wherever they can carrying huge bunches of bananas, 5 liter bottles of milk and small children. Whatever. It is scary.

Need a lift up the hill?

Which lane do we drive in again?? I still try to get in on the wrong side of the car from time to time. I still turn on the wipers when I mean to turn on my turn signal. Driving on the other side isn't too difficult of a transition - the driver is still in the center of the road. Turning feels strange though.

Need a new cowhide?

Roadside rutabega?

This one might not make it up the hill without toppling over.

At the turnoff to Kijabe roasted maize awaits you.

Karibu Kijabe!


The Wilson's said...

I love keeping up with everything yall are doing. Trent is going to Tenwek Sept 29-October 28th. I wish yall catch up somehow. Do you know anyone at Tenwek? Please let them know he is coming and to take good care of him.

Erica said...

loved the post about the traffic light, so funny that all the ones in nairobi weren't working for your little buddy! and THIS post of sights on the kenyan road REALLY made me smile, although made me sad! So familiar, the road back up to Kijabe!!!