Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Making the news

I am so glad I decided to take the paper three days a week. I am much more in the loop as far as local news goes (since we don't have a tv)and I feel much more in touch with the culture. The articles can be very enlightening too. It is interesting to read Africans' perspective of events. For instance, how put off they were that VP Biden made a visit to Kenya but Obama has "snubbed" his homeland and how they are horrified at the "poverty/slum tourism" industry that has popped up as wealthy westerners make a stop by the slums of Nairobi between safaris to "help" the poor people or just to gawk. I am continually enlightened by some articles and outraged at others for instance those that suggest to Kenyans that they are somehow being cheated by their government because it does not fulfill the "basic responsibilities of government" which is providing housing for it's citizens as "developed countries do". Some things are amazing (such as the obituary for a 115 year old) and some are just sad. Like this one . . .

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