Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kijabe Ballet

One of the unique things about living in Kijabe is some of the more American or Western activities that go on here because of RVA. One of those things that we have enjoyed so much is ballet. It was a wonderful "connector" for Claire since she danced in Birmingham. Before we left I could tell her to look forward to dancing in Kenya and she could feel connected to one of her favorite activities from home by dancing here. As most are most things in Kenya - ballet was a little different. Her teacher had pretty high expectations of her Kindergarten and younger class. For instance there was no "prompter" available off stage to help the girls remember the dance steps they had spent so long learning so when they all came out in a big blur of pink they just sort of stood there and waited for direction which never came. They rallied a bit and of course everyone always thinks the little ballerinas are adorable (even if they are staring like deer in headlights!). Here are some shots from Coppelia . . .

Ford is very proud of his sister, as always. This little boy has watched a lot of ballet in his life. He learned to walk in the observation area of the community dance center in Homewood :)

Sadly, the ballet teacher is moving back to Ireland so the Kijabe ballet is no more. We hope someone else will come along who can fulfill this role again. Claire has enjoyed it so much and it is sad to not think of another recital next year.

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mardi said...

Hi Megan - Thanks so much for your posts! Our family is taking steps to move to Kijabe next April, and reading your blog makes it seem like we can connect before we even get there. Being able to see the ballet (my daughter is 3) and pictures of what apartment life is like are so encouraging. Blessings on you guys!