Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dinner with friends

One of the best parts of our time here so far has been some of the wonderful friendships we have made. Mirelle (Mir-ay) and Heuric are two people that we have enjoyed getting to know and calling friends. They are from Madagascar (so that makes them Malagasi just in case you are wondering). He is a surgeon who has just completed his pediatric surgery fellowship here at Kijabe. Mirelle is a physician who works with Rhett in the AIDS relief program. It is encouraging to meet and know people like them who have dedicated their lives and careers to serving others. Before fellowship in Kijabe Heuric was a general surgeon with PAACS in Cameroon and they were also missionaries in Cameroon for several years before that. Mirelle is on her way to attend a Tropical Medicine course in the States - it will be her first time in the U.S. so it was fun to prep her and encourage her. She is a fantastic cook and I think I proved that by having three helpings at dinner.

Mirelle bonded with Gus one Sunday in the church nursery. Gus tolerates being away from me for about 10 minutes before he goes into hysterics. This is a new experience for me since Claire and Ford were always very easy to leave everywhere but now I have "that" baby who cries. Can't blame the poor little guy he hasn't been out of my sight basically his whole life so he is a little partial. But poor Mirelle tried to handle him in nursery one Sunday and had to deal with Gus's wrath. I was glad she got to see what a cool little guy he really is (when Mommy is near by at least!). (There will be few pictures of Gus without something in his mouth for a while - he is working on 6 new teeth right now - 4 of which are huge molars. His mouth looks like a minefield - bless his heart.)

And just so we could make a grand exit from our lovely dinner Ford chased a soccer ball into a concrete wall and ended up with this goose egg. Claire hit her head into a concrete wall in Peru and the exact thing happened - huge goose egg erupted in about 12 seconds after the injury. It's amazing it can happen so fast! Good thing they are both fairly hard headed :)

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Mrs. Phillips said...

No fun on the injury but what a fantastic couple you guys have been spending time with. Praying for you guys and thanks soooo much for the updates! We miss you guys here.
I have a few friends that are finishing up medical school (and want to serve in another context. Yay!) that I may have shoot Rhett an email or two about his process.