Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas celebration in pictures

Here are some pictures of our wonderful Christmas celebrations here at home in Birmingham with my parents and in North Carolina with Rhett's family.

Swinging with Pa Pa a few days before Christmas

Our family on the way to church on Christmas Eve. Claire did pretty well being in "big church" but Mr. Ford had depleted all the snacks and diversions I had planned before the service started. I took him out not long into the service. Luckily our church is so family friendly and they have a huge over flow area just outside the seating area but still in the worship room with lots of chairs, TVs with the service and most importantly in this case - a lot of roaming room for the little guy. I laughed when I got back there because there were 5 little boys between the ages of 11 months and 2 years already there. I walked up and asked "Is this the toddler boy section?" before I joined them. We all laughed and enjoyed chasing them around while enjoying the service too. I made the most wonderful Christmas feast (if I do say so myself!). We had a standing rib roast compliments of a Paula Deen recipe that is so delicious my mom said it was the best thing she had ever put in her mouth, sweet potato casserole - with pecan praline topping (of course), my favorite cornbread casserole, green beans almondine and banana pudding for dessert. The best thing about doing a holiday dinner is you get to plan the menu and only make things you like. It was fun to make it and I enjoyed one of my two visits a year with my fine china. Here are a sweet brother and sister on Christmas eve (in case you are wondering, yes, they are always this cute and loving ;)

Ford trying out Mac's new big wheel - he's still got some growing room - Claire is upset and wanting a turn. See above comment on how cute and loving they always are with each other.

It really wasn't that cold outside but Claire's new hat was so cute that she wanted to wear it.

Claire and her Daddy - this is a new favorite photo for me - it makes my heart swell with love for both of them.

Our little Mountain Man
Gamma, Chrissie, Jo Jo, Claire, Ford and Doc

One last picture of Christmas this year and we look forward to next year's celebration - there will be a new person in next year's picture and quite a different background in the photo. We anxiously await both the new baby and our new home. I hope you had very Merry Christmas celebration too!

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Shannon said...

What fun - could your children be any more precious? I love their manger scene outfits!!! Happy Birthday Claire. I wish we could come to your super fun party. Know that we have been thinking about you guys. We just got home - we'll catch up soon. I think I saw that your called, come to think of it, and haven't checked the messages. Missing you.