Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First Day

Ford on his first day of Mother's Day out! What a big boy! Well, except that his bag is as big as he is!

Sweet Claire was SO excited about her first day of school today! She's starting to look like a little girl!
I was lined up with all of the other Moms trying to get pictures by the signs this morning. Claire decided to be super silly since she had an audience!
I am so excited about this amazing school that she is going to this year. It is just a wonderful, wonderful place. We are so thankful we are there (we should be - she's been on the waiting list since she was 7 weeks old -HA!). I know she is going to have a great year! I got a big hug and a kiss on the lips and she was off. I stood by the door for 10 minutes because I wanted to stay and watch her. My heart was warmed when she saw another little girl crying and went to get her a babydoll to hold so she would feel better. I can't wait to hear her version of what happened today . . .
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julie said...

What beautiful kiddos! You are right; Claire is looking more like a little girl. So on the waiting list since 7 weeks, huh? I better get crackin'!