Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Look who's sitting up!

Ford reached another milestone this week - sitting! Yea! This is my favorite time: sitting but not crawling! Once they sit up it is great because you are just more free. I can chunk the heavy pumpkin seat and he can sit in highchairs at restaurants. It is going so fast with him! I guess it's because I know what is just around the corner. Now that he is sitting up he can slow down and just hang out here for a while.

This weekend was the big Tablescapes of Hope event that I've been working on for the past few months. It is a benefit for Lifeline Village - a home for women in unplanned pregnancy. The ministry is amazing! They really give these women such amazing support -whether they decide to place their baby for adoption or if they decide to parent. Several of the women spoke at the event and it was so cool to hear their testimonies of how Lifeline Village had worked in their life. My heart is really burdened for women in this situation for whatever reason. I think too often people say "I'm pro life" but just leave it at that. I think we have to be realistic and acknowledge the incredibly difficult circumstances women are in when they are trying to decide between life and abortion. I do think it is kind of strange that "pro choice" generally automatically means abortion. What are the other choices? That's the problem there aren't that many if you don't have a lot of family support and financial resources. I think we have to step in the gap and say "Hey - there are other choices! We will help you!". Some of the women I've been working on the committee with have children adopted through Lifeline Village. To see their children - how dearly loved they are by parents who desperately wanted a child - and think that they could have just as easily been disgarded . . . well it's overwhelming. We raised over $15,000 so far so we are really excited. Here are some of the table that I snapped a pictures of. The theme was "The Sheltering Names of Christ" so each table was decorated with a name of Christ.
This is the "Bread of Life" table
I don't remember what this one was but I thought it was so colorful and pretty!
This was "The Carpenter" - how creative!
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