Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy Girl!

Here are Claire's almost 5 month pictures. She hammed it up for the photographer and turned out some great smiles. Looking at these pictures, I can't believe how old she looks! Where is my little baby that I brought home from the hospital? Every stage is so very sweet. I love this age now because she is so interested in the world around her. She focuses intently on everything I do. She grabs everything (before she puts it in her mouth) and pays attention to very small details. She loves being carried around in her Baby Bjorn! She faces outward and sees the world from our "grown up" perspective. Besides the fact that it is the best way to carry her around these days (she weighs about 17 lbs!) she loves to see and touch things - especially at the grocery store! We won't start rice cereal until she is 6 months but she is definitely starting to show an interest in food and I'm looking forward to her first mouthfuls!
Claire loves to laugh and talk. Her favorite thing to laugh at is her Daddy's funny faces! She thinks he is hilarious!! She also LOVES her splashing in her bathtub. Everyone in the room gets soaked! It's so much fun. She loves the water so much that we are starting Water Babies (baby swim class) in July. I hope she likes the big pool as much as she loves her tub! Every day is so much fun watching her discover the world around her. I am so blessed to have such a beautiful, healthy baby. I knew that having a baby would be fun and wonderful but I had no idea how unbelieveabley amazing it would be.

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