Saturday, September 26, 2009


We didn't let the rain spoil our fun today. We went to "Ford's buddy Miller's" (as he is always referred to around our house) 2nd birthday party. The rain caused the party's location to be changed from the park to their house at the last minute but we had so much fun we didn't even notice. The incredibly nice firemen at the Vestavia Hills FD actually drove the fire truck to Miller's house and let the kids climb all over it and take pictures. What a fun party idea! We've been to the firehouse before but I had no idea they did house calls!

Claire is in preschool three days a week now and Ford is definitely missing her when she is gone. The other morning I took the boys to Chickfila so Ford could play in spite of all of this rain we have been having here. He was the only one in the playground while Gus and I drank some sweet tea and momma milk (respectively). Perfect, I thought, Ford can burn off some energy and I can relax for minute. He eagerly climbed up all the alternating platforms to the top. Then silence. This is the conversation that ensued.
Are you OK buddy?
Momma! Momma!
What's wrong, Ford?
I tuck.
You're stuck?
Momma! Momma! . . . I tuck.
You're not stuck sweetie just come on down the yellow slide.
Momma! Momma! . . . It geen.
No sweetie it's not green it's yellow. Come on down the yellow slide.
Momma! Momma! . . . It geen.
It's yellow buddy. Come on down.
Momma! Momma! . . . I tuck.
You're not stuck sweetheart. You can make it. Come on down, big boy.
Momma! Momma! . . . I want Claire.
(at this point my heart melts into a puddle on the floor)
Ford you are OK big boy. You are so strong. You can do it.
Momma! Momma! . . . I tuck. . . I want Claire.
(now I'm thinking maybe his clothes are snagged on something and he really is stuck. I'm still nursing the baby so I keep trying to encourage him really hoping that I won't have to climb up that tower).
You can do it, Ford. Come on down that yellow slide.
Momma! Momma! . . . It geen . . . I want Claire.

The store ends with me climbing up to the top and finding my precious little boy sitting at the top greeting me with a huge grin of relief. I proceeded to slide down the very yellow slide after giving him a little nudge to do the same. What sweet sweet boy who really does love his sister.

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Michael, Julie, and Caleb said...

So funny! I have been up our Chick-fil-A slide as well! :)