Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Claire 2 weeks

It is so amazing to see how much Claire changes every day! I took her in for her 2 week check up and was shocked at her weight! She was 7lbs 11oz when she was born and lost down to 7lbs 2oz when we left the hospital. Two weeks later she weighs 8lbs 10oz! Needless to say she is a wonderful eater and partakes whenever she can! Her days and nights were switched for about the first two weeks. During the day she was impossible to wake up - I tried everything including stripping her down to her diaper and putting a cold cloth on her face - NOTHING. Not even a twitch! Then come about 11pm she was wide awake and ready for some interaction with her mom and dad (who were collapsing into bed exhausted from 18 hrs of staring at her and marveling at how beautiful she is). She is still a sweet baby who only fusses when she (what else?) wants to eat! She gets that from her Mom!

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